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1、我想,我不需要你莫名其妙的冷淡和过期不候的温暖。 I don't think I need your inexplicable coldness and overdue warmth. 2、我们不过站在河边,看着自己的倒影自怜,却以为自己正在爱着别人。 We just stand by the river and look at our reflection and feel sorry for ourselves, but think we are in love with others. 3、回忆中的人住在旧城,他远了几寸,又老了几分。 The man in memory lived in the old city. He was a few inches away and a little older. 4、分手后,我病了几场,终于活成了百毒不侵的模样。 After breaking up, I got sick for several times and finally lived like a hero. 5、你还欠我一句对不起,可我不会再说没关系了。 You still owe me a word of sorry, but I won't say that again. 6、别的人十句话都不会伤到我,但你的一句话就可以把我伤得撕心裂肺。 Ten words from other people won't hurt me, but one word from you can tear me apart. 7、关系就像一张纸,破碎了,再怎么拼凑都有裂痕。 Relationships are like a piece of paper, broken, how to piece together there are cracks. 8、没有灯的路我也不觉黑,反正迟早要一个人面对。 I don't feel dark without lights. Sooner or later, I have to face it alone. 9、连我的都认识你,可你却连我的名字都不知道。 Even I know you, but you don't even know my name. 10、我们有相视一笑的默契却没有相守一生的勇气。 We have the tacit understanding to look at each other and laugh, but not the courage to stay together for life. 11、当眼泪流下来,才知道,分开也是另一种明白。 When tears flow down, I know that separation is another kind of understanding. 12、很多事没有来日方长很多人只会乍然离场。 A lot of things are not as long as the future. Many people will just suddenly leave the scene. 13、你期待什么,什么就离你越远;你执着谁,就会被谁伤害的最深。 Whatever you expect, the farther away you are; whoever you cling to will be hurt the most. 14、时光不比人,它脆弱,它禁不起来来回回的辜负。 Time is no more fragile than human beings. It can't help failing back and forth. 15、其实吧,英文歌我只听旋律!关于他唱的是啥意思!根本就没去在意。 Actually, I only listen to melody in English songs! What does he mean by singing? I didn't care at all. 16、既然不能够相守,就让那份情感留在心田,留在回忆中。 Since we can't stay together, let that emotion stay in our hearts and in our memories. 17、将军放弃爱人,披上盔甲征战四方,就像我离开了你,带上烟酒四处流浪。 The general gave up his lover and went to war in armor, just as I left you and wandered around with cigarettes and alcohol. 18、从不拒绝也不叫我走开却又不想让我留下来。 Never refuse, never ask me to go away, never want me to stay. 19、你走的那天,我决定不掉泪,迎着风撑着眼帘用力不眨眼。 On the day you left, I decided not to shed tears and hold my eyes against the wind without blinking. 20、夏日里最明媚的阳光,驱散了关于你的所有悲伤。 The brightest sunshine in summer dispels all the sadness about you. 21、走在街上,听到那些你唱过的歌,心跟着那些节拍一下一下的疼。 Walking in the street, hearing the songs you sang, my heart aches with those rhythms. 22、我还守在原地,不为等你,只是等自己放弃。 I'm still in place, not waiting for you, just waiting for myself to give up. 23、其实我没那么坚强,只是像多数人一样学会了伪装。 In fact, I am not so strong, just like most people have learned to disguise. 24、我已分不清,你是友情,还是错过的爱情。 I can't tell whether you are friendship or missing love. 25、你给了我所有希望。却又遮住了我的阳光。 You gave me all hope. But it blocked my sunshine. 26、我知道成熟不是人的心变老,是泪在打转还能微笑。 I know that maturity is not about people's heart getting old, but about tears and smiles. 27、不是我不联系你,只是你每次给我的感觉都好像是我打扰到你了。 It's not that I don't contact you, it's just that every time you feel like I'm bothering you. 28、我记得东方不败说过,你说我负了天下人,你们天下人何曾善待过我。 I remember the invincible Eastern saying, you said that I lost all the people in the world, you people in the world have treated me kindly. 29、想你的时候,我咬碎了给你的每一句问候,撕裂了每一个打扰你的理由。 When I miss you, I bite every greeting I give you and tear every reason I disturb you. 30、涐从没后悔过,错过就错过,魅力大,错过旳再来一次。 I never regret it, miss it, glamour, miss it again. 31、我说:原来我放不下的不是你,而是有你的那段时光。 I said: I can not let go of the original is not you, but your time. 32、单身并不可怕,可怕的是,明明就是单身,别人却以为你不是单身。 It's not terrible to be single. It's terrible to be single, but people think you're not single. 33、我并不后悔在最好的年华没有遇见你因为遇见你,才是我最好的年华。 I don't regret not meeting you in my best years, because meeting you is my best years. 34、我不敢再回那座有你的城市,我怕人海中无意回头,就会眼睛酸。 I dare not go back to the city where you are. I am afraid that the sea of people will turn back unintentionally and their eyes will be sour. 35、他只不过把你当成一场游戏,你却用生命陪他玩。 He just regards you as a game, but you play with him with your life. 36、你走之后,我变生了一场大病,疼得我痛不欲生。 After you left, I became seriously ill, and the pain was too painful for me. 37、一个错误就足以让别人忘记你所有的好,这是现实。 It's a reality that one mistake is enough to make others forget all your good. 38、我什么都明白,可还是想和你赌一个不可能的未来。 I know everything, but I want to gamble with you on an impossible future. 39、我们的事可以自己解决,厌倦了第三者插足的剧情。 We can solve our own problems, tired of the third party involved in the plot. 40、男生的花心是女人的犯贱,女人的花心是男人的自愿。 Boys'flower heart is a woman's crime, while women's flower heart is a man's voluntary. 41、下雨是因为天空承受不了它的重量,就像流泪是因为心承受不了它的痛。 It rains because the sky can't bear its weight, just like tears because the heart can't bear its pain. 42、他说过一直爱我到永久,可他怀里的人却不是我。 He said he loved me forever, but I was not in his arms. 43、因为害怕失去所以一味迁就,原来这就是最卑贱的挽留方式。 Because of fear of losing, so indulgence, originally this is the most humble way to retain. 44、如果你讨厌我,我一点也不介意,我活着不是为了取悦你。 If you hate me, I don't mind at all. I don't live to please you. 45、每个单身的人背后,都至少藏着一个让人心碎的秘密。 Behind every single person, there is at least one heartbreaking secret. 46、当你做对的时候,没有人会记得;当你做错的时候,连呼吸都是错。 When you do it right, no one will remember; when you do it wrong, even breathing is wrong.
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